Our Team

Our firm offers the services of Professional Engineers, Code Specialists, and Certified Elevator Inspectors.

Abby Hildebrand

Director of Administration & Special Projects

Ada Tsang

Project Accounting Coordinator & Quality Control Manager

Albert Ng

Project Manager

Alvin Dong

Project Engineer

Andrew Wilson


Andy Bakshi

Project Engineer

Ben Hynes

Senior Project Coordinator

Blake Cloutier

Project Manager

Byron Cole

Project Engineer

Cam Thiessen

Project Engineer

Danielle Cody

Marketing Coordinator

Eric Peterson

President & CEO

Jason Asnis

Technical Delivery Coordinator

Jerry Chang

Manager - Modernizations

Lillianne Peterson

Public Relations / New Clients

Sam Hamze

Manager - Inspections & Maintenance

Sophie Kelly

Office Administrator

Tamara Vishniakoff

Marketing & Communications Manager

Tony Wu

Project Engineer

Vanness Shen

Technical Delivery Coordinator - Modernization

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