New Construction

Working on behalf of either the developer or the architect, we assist in the design, specification, and construction administration of innovative vertical transportation installations.


We develop customized yet practical vertical transportation designs using both in-house and commercially available software.  Our traffic studies and reports provide a clear, concise solution that can readily be implemented into your new or existing building.  Our report includes critical coordination information for Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical, and Structural disciplines.


A detailed specification is necessary to obtain accurate and competitive bids.  Our comprehensive specifications emphasize practical and effective products that produce a functional and cost effective solution for the client.


We provide a technical review of the bids received to identify discrepancies between contractor bid and our specification.  A clear recommendation is provided to guide the contract award process.


Comprehensive support through construction forms part of our standard scope of services.  We review the contractor shop drawings for compliance to specifications, regulations and applicable codes. We visit the site to review progress, approve payment, and confirm adherence to specifications.

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