As vertical transportation equipment ages, it eventually requires the upgrade of various components, or a complete modernization of the system.


Our methodology involves much more than being your elevator expert.  We provide comprehensive project management services from start to finish, and fully coordinate all disciplines.  Elevator, Architectural, Electrical/Fire Alarm, Mechanical, and Structural scopes are managed by our team of professionals.


Many elevator projects now require building permit applications with the Authority Having Jurisdiction, which if not completed falls on the owners to resolve and ensure compliance with local building codes. We take care of the entire process, obtain permit drawings, submit the permit application, and close the permit with the local building inspector. We don’t leave this crucial process to be completed by the owner or contractor, we protect your interests as owners and take care of this for you.


We prepare the detailed specifications required to obtain accurate pricing. These documents are written such that all reputable contractors can perform the work and the bidding conditions are competitive. Requirements for other trades such as fire alarm, electrical, mechanical, and security are included.


We solicit bids for the required work and coordinate a site tour for the approved bidders. We review the bids, respond to any queries about the project, and provide an analysis spreadsheet and Letter of Recommendation for the Owner’s consideration.  Our analysis includes a complete project cost estimate for ALL work, not just the elevator scope.


We manage the entire project for all disciplines from contract award to final completion of all work.

We act as your representative and resolve all projects issues that arise.

We review the contractor shop drawings for compliance to specifications, regulations and applicable codes. We visit the site to review progress, approve payment, and confirm adherence to schedule.

We administer regular meetings and issue minutes with all parties to ensure proper project communication.

To close-out the project, we inspect the completed installation thoroughly, confirm deficiency completion, and certify substantial performance.

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