Why Do You Need an Elevator Consultant?

September 30, 2019

Whether you are installing a new elevator, or dealing with an existing elevator, there are multiple ways an Elevator Consultant can assist; in this short video we’ve captured the main ones!

New Construction:

Much like an Architect completes the design for a building, and the physical work gets passed on to the contractor, we complete the design for the elevator system and help you select and oversee the right contractor for the job.


What do you do when you have an apple and an orange and someone says, “which is better?”. Hard to compare right?  We make sure sure the quotes you receive are all the same by providing a complete specification of the scope of work required for each contractor to bid on.


Need 3rd party advice on the condition of your elevators (planning for a modernization), the level of maintenance being provided, or review of an insurance claim? We are your unbiased experts.


Having a consultant write a detailed Maintenance Contract on your behalf puts you in control of the contract terms and duration.


For a complete list of all our services and descriptions, please click here.

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