What is an MCP and is yours up to Code?

March 1, 2021

With the implementation of the newly adopted B44-16 Code, changes are underway for all elevating devices in BC.  TSBC requires that all new and existing elevators have a Maintenance Control Program (MCP) in place by September 30, 2021.


What is MCP?

MCP is a written maintenance program for each elevating device unit provided by the maintenance contractor.  The MCP specifies examinations, tests, cleaning, lubrication and adjustments to applicable components at regular intervals.

The MCP should include all Code, and manufacturer, where applicable, required maintenance tasks, procedures, examinations, and tests.  Cat 1 and Cat 5 tests, the yearly and every 5 years tests respectively, are also part of the MCP.  There are about 17 components that might be required to be tested under the Cat 1 tests and about 10 components under the Cat 5.


How GUNN can help

At GUNN, as part of our services, we review and verify MCPs for our clients to ensure that all Code and manufacturer requirements are included.  We also include a detailed list of the MCP requirements in our specifications when providing clients with a Maintenance Contract.

In addition, GUNN provides a training session on section 8.6 and MCP requirements.  Our course is recognized by TSBC towards the Elevating Devices Mechanics Certification required continuous education hours.

Contact us HERE to ensure your elevators are in compliance with the new changes and to schedule a training session.

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  1. Edward Gerrard

    could you provide a quote for MR training for my electricians and millwrights as well as a proposal for the MCP program to be integrated into my maintenance team?

    Kind Regards,

    Edi Gerrard


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