The Value of a Maintenance Audit

December 1, 2023

What is a Maintenance Audit?

Regular Maintenance Audits performed by an independent industry professional like GUNN are critical to ensuring the safety reliability and lifespan of your elevators.

During a Maintenance Audit, we inspect all areas of your equipment including:

  1. Machine room
  2. Hoistway and pit
  3. Cab interior
  4. Hall equipment
  5. Performance times

We inspect all components in the areas above, rate the maintenance and overall condition, and provide a comprehensive report outlining our findings.

Why perform audits?

Elevating devices require regular maintenance tasks and tests to be performed, as mandated by the current Code and local regulations.

Periodic equipment safety tests (Category Tests, CAT 1 & CAT 5) are an important part of the preventive maintenance and must be included in the mandatory Maintenance Control Program (MCP) implemented by your maintenance contractor. CAT 1 (annual) & CAT 5 (every 5 years) tests must be completed at their required intervals and documented in the contractor’s maintenance logbook.

What do we review and confirm during our inspection?

  1. General condition of the equipment
  2. MCP up to date and required tasks completed
  3. CAT 1 and CAT 5 testing up to date
  4. Maintenance is being performed to regulatory requirements and industry standards
  5. Maintenance deficiencies that must be corrected
  6. Recommendations to improve maintenance, increase reliability and extend service life
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