President Reflects on 25 Years of Service

May 1, 2023

Now you’ve heard it’s GUNN’s 40th year in Vertical Transportation, but did you know it’s President & CEO Eric Peterson’s 25th year in service?

Firstly, Eric, congratulations on 25 years of service!
Your enthusiasm and dedication are appreciated daily at GUNN …

You purchased GUNN from Greg Samuelson and Jim Shaw in 2004. When you first joined John W. Gunn Consultants Inc. in 1998, where did you see yourself in five years time?

My initial goals were to obtain my P.Eng. designation, and become a partner in the business. I wanted to be somewhere I could make an observable difference every day, not just be a number in the crowd at a larger firm.

We know GUNN has grown significantly, but how does GUNN look different from when you first started?

GUNN is significantly different than when I started in 1998. We were a local small business with a solid reputation back then, but not much presence outside the Lower Mainland. We’ve grown to a team of more than thirty, with offices in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto, and work throughout North America. With that comes the necessary enhancement of our corporate structure, as well as our policies and procedures. The challenge for us is to retain the agility and responsiveness of our past self with the requisite structure of a larger company.

“As Eric and I got to know each other I learned more about his leadership qualities and the culture he has developed at GUNN – a culture of collaboration, integrity and continuous learning.”

Sam Robertson, EDM-A – Consultant

How do you set GUNN apart from others in the industry?

What sets us apart is straightforward: we will “do what we said we would”, we respond to our clients’ needs, and we maintain our focus on the ideal client solution rather than simply repeating the approaches of the past.

As a business owner you must face situations that require compromise.
What will you never compromise on at GUNN?

Our integrity will never be compromised at GUNN.
We will always stand behind our word, our clients and our work.

Eric, tell us, how have you grown personally from leading GUNN?

I have undergone significant personal growth throughout my years at GUNN. I have learned to think beyond what you see in front of you, to make ambitious goals and to take calculated risks to achieve your dreams.

“Eric gives employees the opportunity to be entrepreneurs in their field and we’re excited to be a part of GUNN’s renaissance.”

Jerry Chang, P.Eng., PMP, CEI – Partner
And last, but not least, who is your biggest role model?

My role models are many, I look for the wisdom in people every day. I am a believer that there is something to learn from most people and situations, and I try to incorporate these insights into my unique personal philosophy.

This year Liberty Morell, Accounting Coordinator, celebrates 20 years at GUNN, whilst Abby Hildebrand, Executive Assistant, and Jerry Chang, Partner, celebrate 10 years at GUNN!

Thank you, Eric. We know the future is bright for GUNN and we’re eager to be a part of it …

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