New Office Space for Calgary!

July 1, 2023

Congratulations Calgary on your new office space it’s so inviting! 

Firstly, what initiated the move? 

The decision to move our office was primarily driven by our company’s growth and evolving needs. GUNN opened the Calgary office in 2014 with two employees and in 2023 we have increased to a strong team of six. Not to mention, our newest branch in Toronto! Although our previous office holds many fond memories with our team, we were ready to create a new environment that aligns with our vision and supports our evolving team.  

It’s clear you’ve created a workplace people want to come back to. How did you bring the new space to life? 

We wanted to create a workplace that not only met functional requirements but also reflected our company culture and values. To achieve this, we were very intentional with the layout and feel of each space. We focused on incorporating elements of ergonomic workstations, comfortable seating, and natural lighting.
To tie it all together, we had
fun adding our GUNN colours to the walls throughout the space and adding an LED image of our logo to our new reception area. 

We notice each workspace is cleverly named. How did you come up with the names?

Creating names for each workspace was a fun collaborative effort that involved input across our team. One of our favourite additions, that we did not have in our old office, is a phone booth.” We designed a space for our team to take individual meetings or phone calls with privacy. The name we chose for this space is the Voice Vault!  

We know GUNN celebrated 40 years in Vertical Transportation in May!
did the Calgary office celebrate?

What better way to commemorate our 40 years in business at our Calgary office than to kick off stampede week with a Client Appreciation Party! We acknowledged this significant milestone by paying tribute to the people and clients that have helped us grow as a business. Overall, the Calgary office celebration was a tribute to our history, a celebration of our present achievements, and motivation for continued success in the future. 

Thank you, Calgary! We’re excited to see more #GUNNfunn from Alberta!

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