More than just modernizing your existing elevators…

March 1, 2023

Did you know that our modernization department can do more than just modernizing your existing elevators?

Throughout the years, our modernization department has evolved and ELEVATED their services to provide prime consulting and project management services.

This means we can provide services for any of the below unique projects:

  • Install new elevators in existing buildings
  • Fire alarm upgrade and / or replacement and Building Permit applications
  • Component upgrade & capital planning
  • New elevator in existing shaft
  • Replace hydraulic elevators with machine room less elevators
  • Building extension and adding extra stops to elevators
  • Elevator interior design drawings with 2D or 3D rendering
  • Replace or modernize your existing escalators
  • Decommission your existing elevators or remove entrances 

Along with the above services, we offer the below project phases:

  • Condition Assessment / Feasibility Study
  • Construction Document
  • Construction Procurement
  • Construction Administration

All of our projects are overseen by a Professional Engineer, Project Manager, Project Engineer, Technical Delivery Coordinator, and our experienced administration team. This means you do not need to worry because our project management team will ensure you receive a timely response whenever you have a lingering question, or just want to call and chat with us. 

Why choose GUNN to be your Prime Consultant?

  1. GUNN will be the main point of contact for clients.
  2. GUNN’s proposal includes all sub-consulting costs with no markups.
  3. GUNN will coordinate with the required sub-consultants and contractors.
  4. GUNN prepares the related work specification and drawings.
  5. Maintenance specification during modernization and warranty period included in modernization package.
  6. GUNN is directly responsible for Building Permit application and in-take meetings:
  • Building permit will accurately reflect the Owner’s desired scope of work.
  • Project stays on schedule without waiting for an approved building permit.
  • GUNN acquires all required documents (schedule and drawings).
  • GUNN resolves building permit deficiencies with Authority Having Jurisdiction.

7. Comprehensive Project Management services for the entire project scope:

  • Regular conference calls / meetings during construction.
  • Elevator turnover / progress review site visits.
  • Final site visit with all parties to address all deficiencies.
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