Meet the Design Team!

September 1, 2023

You’re familiar with our New Construction department,
but have you met GUNN’s Design Team?

In no particular order (alphabetical actually) we introduce you to
GUNN’s Design Team #squadgoals …

Johnson Li, EIT, Project Engineer

Sky Yang, EIT, Technical Delivery Coordinator

Tony Wu, P.Eng., Design Team Lead

Vanness Shen, EIT, Project Engineer

First up, tell us, what does the Design Team at GUNN do?

Johnson: The Design Team collaborates with GUNN’s Modernization, New Construction and Inspections departments to deliver all design related deliverables. This includes all documents during the construction documents phase such as schematic design report, conceptual design report and specifications. The dedicated Design Team can seamlessly transfer knowledge they’ve learned from each of GUNN’s three main departments to deliver an ever-improving and consistent end product.

What’s a typical day for the Design Team?

Tony: The Design Team work with Property Managers, Owners, Developers, Architects, Contractors, and Consultants. The focus of our work ranges from new construction design, where we determine number/type/speed/sizing/operation of the elevators for future buildings, to reviewing feasibility and specifying client-oriented elevator maintenance contract, as well as specifying the recommended scope of work for modernization in existing buildings.

What motivates the Design Team?

Sky: The Design Team has worked on projects across North America, from low-rise buildings to skyscrapers and iconic landmarks. The Design Team finds fulfillment in developing innovative vertical transportation solutions to our clients. Our team is driven by the process of a project moving from conceptual phases to reality. It is always cool to ride one of the elevators in a building that the GUNN Team has designed.

Why join the Design Team?

Vanness: The vertical transportation industry is unique and full of new challenges. There is no university course dedicated to elevating products, so joining GUNN opened up opportunities for me to learn something new every day. I use my electrical engineering knowledge, while continuing to absorb industry experience, not just related to the technical aspects of elevators, but also in how to effectively work with our project partners.

What does the Design Team like to do for fun?

Sky: yoga
Johnson: cooking and gym
Vanness: watch soccer games
Tony: replying to emails … just kidding … 

Thanks for taking the time out of your day, Design Team!
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