In-Service Inspections

August 1, 2022

What are they?

Did you know that your elevating device in Alberta requires an In-Service SAFETY Inspection on a regular basis?

A Safety Codes Officer designated by the Provincial Safety Council must complete a safety inspection of your device, whether it be an elevator, escalator, or platform lift.  These inspections are due on a set anniversary date, on a 1 or 2 year interval.

Why do we need to do it?

This is a provincial SAFETY requirement in Alberta, and provides an official ‘report card’ for your vertical transportation devices .  The inspection identifies deficiencies that must be addressed by the Owner or Maintenance Contractor.  In order to renew your operating permit for the device, you will need to ensure this inspection is completed.

What is done?

The Inspector will perform a visual review of elevator equipment, including the controller, machine, car top, and pit.  They will identify potential hazards and unsafe conditions your the device. The site maintenance logs and the testing records are also reviewed for compliance.

Who can do them?

Yes, we can assist.  GUNN are an Accredited Agency appointed by the Safety Codes Council and are available to perform these inspection.

Contact us for scheduling your next in-service inspection!


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