Improved Hygiene Practices for Elevators and Escalators

April 1, 2021

With COVID being a reality for a year now and hygiene practices evolving drastically in all areas of our lives, how does it impact the way we interact with Elevators and Escalators?

With the gamut of technologies being introduced to the market to address the need for safety and hygiene, it can be confusing to choose the right product to suit your building.

What is out there?

For Elevators:

  • Easy to clean touch screens
  • Antimicrobial wraps or copper type buttons
  • Non-touch proximity sensor buttons
  • Foot buttons
  • Non-touch / gesture sensor screens
  • Phone App connection
  • Scan in pre-assigned calls
  • Load limiting call assignment
  • Elevator cab air cleaning (filters or UV)


For Escalators:

  • Antimicrobial handrails
  • UV handrail cleaner


How GUNN Can Assist

The selection of the right product or combination of products for your building can vary greatly.  Here are some factors that could impact your decision:

  • What equipment is currently present in your building?  (some technologies are only compatible with certain types of equipment)
  • What kind of usage are you expecting?  How often is the equipment being used in a day?
  • What’s your budget?
  • How would the new product impact the traffic flow?

Contact us HERE to get some help and guidance in selecting the right product and managing your new upgrades.

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