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July 1, 2022

Meet our Proposal Coordinator, Sky Yang EIT!

Sky, a Civil Engineering graduate from the University of British Columbia Okanagan, joined GUNN in March, 2022.

Day-to-day, Sky assists in the success of each project by creating the first draft of project documentation, monitoring the status of all technical projects, and supporting the Project Managers.

Sky at Lake Tekapo, New Zealand 2019

Tell us about your time studying in Christchurch, New Zealand, and how this experience shaped you…

I was born in Vancouver, BC and grew up in Seoul, South Korea until I was 14. Then, I was off to New Zealand on my own for three years for High School. I barely spoke English when I first arrived, and their accent didn’t make my journey any easier. But I slowly fell in love with the country as people were so welcoming and accepting. I was able to make lifelong friends and was given many opportunities such as a Student President and International Student Ambassador – I had the time of my life!

You’re an Engineer In Training – congrats! Why did you select Civil Engineering as your field of major?

Growing up, I always had a passion to build schools and shelters for the people in need and give opportunities to those who are less privileged. Meanwhile, mathematics and science were my strongest subjects at school and I wanted to utilize my talents and passion. Civil Engineering allows me to be a creative problem solver everyday and I couldn’t think of any better field to do so.

Since starting at GUNN, what has surprised you most about the Vertical Transportation Industry?

There are so many aspects to consider in a vertical transportation strategy including building types, elevator cabin capacity, wait times, client requirements and maintenance management plans. It is crucial to carry out precise and effective solutions in the Vertical Transportation Industry without compromising safety, cost, and sustainability. At GUNN, I found it fascinating how all these factors are handled effortlessly and effectively.

Sky and her Kiwi friends, New Zealand 2017

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