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May 1, 2023

In January we welcomed Chris Smiley, EDM-A to GUNN, and we’ve been smiling ever since! With almost 25 years behind him in the elevator industry, Chris brings a wealth of experience
to the Toronto team …

Chris, tell us about your first few months working out of the Toronto office …

The first few months since joining GUNN have been great. Being in an industry for as long as I have, to see a completely new side of it has been an exciting challenge. 

You’ve been in the Elevator business now for almost 25 years! How has the industry changed over the years?

The elevator industry has changed significantly in so many ways. One way is the advancement of technology with equipment. This has changed the way elevators are installed by improving installation times and methods, assisting technicians on troubleshooting, and even providing more reliability of the equipment.

What’s been your biggest highlight since starting at GUNN?

GUNN has a very experienced and knowledgeable team throughout the company. With that the biggest highlight is the culture at GUNN. There is amazing support, team building and a focus on our customers’ needs.

Word on the street is that you’re extremely tech savy! What’s been your favourite personal project to date?

My favourite project to date is wiring my house in an attempt to make my house a “smart house”. Now running over seventy (70!) devices through Wi-Fi and networking connects my house can run almost anything by a phone or by voice commands.

When Chris isn’t re-wiring the house, you will find him travelling across continents! 

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