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April 1, 2023

In the New Year we welcomed Sam Robertson EDM-A as Consultant to our Vancouver Modernization team. Sam has been in the elevator industry for 25 years and we’re excited to have his expertise in-house!

Welcome to GUNN, Sam! You started out as a mechanic out East, now tell us about your journey through the elevator industry…

When I graduated University, a friend of my grandfather asked if I wanted a job building elevators, having no idea what that entailed, I thought it would be a good summer gig, save money and work on a career afterwards – now 25 years later I am still here and still enjoying the challenges of the industry. 
Since I started my career in vertical transportation, I have been fortunate to be involved in all areas of the business. I began by stacking rails in the cold Ontario winter and I loved it, the work came easy, and I realized the potential of becoming an elevator technician. I was lucky again and was given the chance to work with some of the best technicians in the business and learned the right way to work. After running projects, I moved into the management side of the business and started another journey that has led me to the west coast and many stops in between. I have run projects with close to 100 workers, sold large modernizations, managed a branch office, facilitated training of field and management to name a few of the jobs I have had over the years … 

What’s been your biggest win since starting at GUNN?

Learning all the acronyms … and I am still learning …

At GUNN we’re all about work-life balance.
When you’re not consulting, where can we find you?

Vancouver in my opinion is the perfect place to be, where the mountains meet the ocean, that is where you will find me. During the winter months, I will be on a mountain somewhere skiing or snowmobiling … and during the summer I will be on the water either surfing in Tofino or kayaking the coastline searching for Orca.

We’ve heard you love donuts! Where is your favourite donut spot Downtown?

It was my feeble attempt at being witty and humorous, saying that I do love a good donut!
IF you can handle the lineup, Lee’s at Granville Market makes a decent donut …
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