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October 15, 2020

At GUNN, we believe that learning is ongoing and continuous, whether you’re an Engineer or an Administrator.  

We promote professional development and courses heavily as a way to sharpen our minds and skills so that we can handle whatever comes our way.

We also believe that the best way to demonstrate and prove you know something is when you can teach it to someone else.

We’ve had several co-op students join our Team and learn with us and it’s been a good test of our Engineers to be able to answer questions and teach someone brand new to our industry.  After several weeks, our co-op students are usually fairly autonomous.  We’ve enjoyed hearing their perspective and having their curious and fresh energy in our Offices too.

You can hear it from Janelle Lawson herself, a co-op student who was with us from January to August 2020. 

What is it like to work at GUNN?

There’s always a lot on the go at GUNN. We work on a large number of projects every day. It seems like everywhere I look, there’s another building we’ve worked on.

What has been most surprising to you about the Vertical Transportation industry?  What are some common challenges?

It’s surprising that there are so many different systems involved in elevators. There are many disciplines that are involved in the design of elevators and other vertical transportation systems. This can create challenges during design as the impacts can extend to all other systems in the building.

What is a common elevator misconception?

An elevator won’t plummet to the ground if a rope breaks. Elevators are supported by multiple ropes: each capable of supporting the entire weight of the car.

“Three things you may not know about Janelle”

  1. I love to bake.
  2. I enjoy hiking and camping.
  3. I embroider and sew some of my clothes.

We’re hiring again for January 2021 for the next co-op student to learn with us.  If you’re interested or know somebody looking to join our vibrant and innovative Team, please check out the available job postings on our Careers page HERE!

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