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August 1, 2023

This month marks seven (7!) years at GUNN for our Office & Quality Control Manager, Ada Pat! We caught up with Ada to reflect on her journey at GUNN …

Hi Ada! Now we know you are GUNN’s Office & Quality Control Manager, but tell us about your seven year journey at GUNN … 

It’s been a fun ride with GUNN as no two days have looked the same. My role has evolved from Project Accounting Coordinator to Office & Quality Manager and I appreciate that I’ve been able to learn so many things. I feel challenged and well supported. We have a great honest culture where we hold each other accountable and foster curiosity in our work. I think that this mentality encourages us to constantly evaluate and innovate ways to be better, faster and stronger as a team overall. 

My favourite parts of my job are leading my team and mentoring them in their career growth. I feel that I benefited tremendously from being given the opportunity to rise to a challenge, back in 2019, to my new role at the time, as Office Manager. I see us planning and executing this with our current team members and it makes me happy to see others get the same opportunity to be challenged and develop their talents and skills.

Wow! You’ve had quite the journey at GUNN! What’s one essential skill you’ve learned?

Communication is one of GUNN’s core values and I think communication is at the core in almost all settings. I think the key is to arrive at situations with a calm, curious and open-minded approach as this lends to a more thorough and deep understanding of the matter at hand. I’ve seen how strong communication skills can establish a clear understanding and can provide comfort and guidance. It’s a tough skill to master and is, I think, a constant work in progress, as in communication, a lot of the messaging is delivered through what is unsaid, so learning to hone in on the non-verbal communication skills – what is not said – is a critical part of the picture.


“I’m proud of the things we’ve accomplished over the years and look forward to continually enhancing our team and growing.”

You lead a team of five Administrators across two offices: a Media Specialist, Proposal Coordinator, Project Accounting Coordinator, Administrative Coordinator and an Office Administrator. Tells us about your team…

We’re all different and come with our own career histories, but we work really well together. We’ve had members work in non-profit agencies in the social work field, some tended horses, one was a florist. I think our unique backgrounds help provide perspective and inspiration to our work. We understand the overall goals of the company and take pride in our roles in helping the company achieve those goals. 

I’m proud of the things we’ve accomplished over the years and look forward to continually enhancing our team and growing.

Last, but not least, can you recommend any books or media that have supported your career path?

The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey is a classic and has been a good foundational pillar. 
I recently read Atomic Habits by James Clear and really enjoyed it.
Thanks for the catch up, Ada! We look forward to seeing what’s ahead for you and your team at GUNN!
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