12 Months in Toronto!

December 1, 2022

It’s been 12 months since our Toronto branch opened its doors on King Street West!

With 31 new Toronto projects, 15 webinars, and 12 new clients in Toronto, time sure does fly! To mark the GUNN-iversary, we took some time out with President & CEO, Eric Peterson, to reflect on the first 12 months in Toronto…

Eric, it’s been a big year for GUNN, tell us, what have you accomplished?

It has been an eventful year for sure.  It all started in early 2021 when we made the decision to take the plunge and officially place “boots on the ground” in Toronto.  We’ve been active in the local new construction market for the past decade, but felt strongly that a local office was needed to truly be a vertical transportation presence in Ontario.  Our approach for delivering successful projects in an environment of Communications, Commitment and Solutions would succeed in Toronto.  Our focus is on achieving tangible results and being an advocate for our clients, while creating strong and effective contractor relationships.

After our office officially opening on December 1, 2021, my wife Lillianne and I also made the move and placed new roots in the West Toronto neighbourhood of Roncesvalles!  Together with Jerry Chang who is heading our Ontario business development, we’ve been successful in expanding beyond our local portfolio of new construction projects, and have built a local resume with modernization and maintenance management clients.

Born and raised in Ontario, what do you most enjoy about Toronto?

When I think Toronto, I first think the food scene and the diversity of local neighbourhoods!  Lillianne and I love to explore Toronto and try out a new restaurant every week.  Everywhere from our neighbourhood, “Roncy”, to the Junction district, Ossington, downtown, Distillery district, and Chinatown……the options are endless. 

But I can’t talk about Toronto without mentioning the people.  Toronto has been very welcoming to us, from the average person on the street to potential clients open to hearing what we have to offer.

GUNN is now into it’s fortieth year of Vertical Transportation, what do you have planned for the big 4-0?

The plans are already underway, with our “40 years in business” swag hitting the streets!  We are also taking the time throughout our 40th year to reflect on our journey as a company, how far we’ve come, what has made us what we are.  Check out our social media throughout 2022 and 2023 for more.  We will commemorate the culmination of our 40th year in May 2023 with a Client and Contractor appreciation party.

Not only is it GUNN’s 40th year of Vertical Transportation, but it’s also your 25th! As President & CEO, tell us, what are your leadership values?


I believe passionately in employee empowerment, and building a company culture where curiosity, risk taking and testing the boundaries of what you think and accomplish are valued.

Without giving too much away, can you share what’s on the horizon for GUNN?

In a sentence, our goal is for our company growth to create opportunities for our staff and clients.  Big things are on the horizon…

In case you missed it, Elevator World featured our Toronto Branch in their Daily News column!

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