Andrew Wilson


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I like to get in a sunny round of golf with a few friends before grabbing some crab fresh off the boat.

What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend or a Sunday afternoon?

I like to get in a sunny round of golf with a few friends before grabbing some crab fresh off the boat. Nothing works up an appetite quite like taking my driver for a stroll, though I prefer salt water crab to fresh water hazards.


What path brought you to GUNN?

I had a 35 year career as a contractor with several elevator manufacturers that prepared me for my life as a consultant. Those positions gave me the opportunity to work on many prominent projects as a salesperson and project manager; they also gave me a perspective that allows me to appreciate just how much quieter a consultant’s office can be.


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a small Northern Ontario town called Kirkland Lake. It’s an old mining town, built on gold first and foremost. The city made a mistake while they were constructing the main street, taking stone from the mine meant for processing and using it to pave the road. They ended up with a main street made of gold ore bearing stone. I guess, subconsciously, that could be why I’ve always seen the value in transportation, vertical or otherwise.

Andrew Wilson


Andrew has been with GUNN since 2015. He has over forty years experience in elevator sales and management. His experience ranges across three major elevator companies. Andrew has managed large scale modernization and new installation projects. Andrew is a Partner at GUNN and leads our New Construction Department. Some of Andrew’s highlight projects include Canada Line rapid transit, Vancouver House, and The Post on Georgia.


Canada Line Stations

Vancouver & Richmond, BC

SFU Student Union Building

Burnaby, BC

University of Victoria

Victoria, BC

Vancouver Island University

Nanaimo, BC

SFU Campus

Burnaby, BC

Royal Inland Hospital

Kamloops, BC

GF Strong

Vancouver, BC

Lions Gate Hospital

North Vancouver, BC

VGH Operating Room Renewal

Vancouver, BC


Coquitlam, BC


Port Coquitlam, BC
1021 West Hastings
Vancouver, BC


Vancouver, BC

Davie Safeway

Vancouver, BC
Residential / Mixed Use

The Creek

Vancouver, BC

SOLO Phase 2

Burnaby, BC
Vancouver House
Vancouver, BC
Woodwards Redevelopment
Vancouver, BC

190 Keefer Street

Vancouver, BC

River Green Parcel 9

Richmond, BC
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