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My heroes would be my dad, mom and brother.

Who is your hero? And why?

I can’t pick just one. My heroes would be my dad, mom and brother.

My brother is on the Canadian Team for Mogul skiing. He is so inspiring; he works hard and trains every day. His self-discipline is amazing, and I admire his drive.

My mom is an inspiration because she knows what she wants and goes for it. She also has drive, and determination, too. She has held jobs in an array of fields, including, but not limited to: a pastry chef, owning a wedding planning company, working at the very first Pemberton festival, and for VANOC. She’s done everything from being a lifty at Whistler Blackcomb to the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce in New Westminster. She has always been someone I looked up to.

My dad is an inspiration because he is understanding, incredibly savvy, and the handiest person I know: if there is a problem, my dad has the answer. He is also an amazing cook and a wonderful guitar player/singer. I admire his work ethic, his ability to get things done and solve problems.


Where did you grow up and why aren’t you there now?

I grew up in Pemberton, BC, skiing Whistler Blackcomb on the weekends and going to French school during the week. Small town life was perfect for growing up; the only thing I ever worried about was running into a bear on my way to school. After graduating high school I moved to the lower mainland to study Communications.


What’s the most unexpectedly wonderful compliment anyone has ever paid you?

While working as a barista, my co-worker turned to me one day and asked if I was a dancer. They thought that my movements were so graceful. I have always remembered that unexpected and kind complement.

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