Abby Belin

Technical Delivery Coordinator

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Regardless of the season, Sunday afternoons are best spent with family.

How did you arrive at GUNN? What path brought you here?

It should come as no surprise that with a degree in mathematics I have an appetite for problem solving.  I’ve always been the type of gal who wants to constantly be learning something new.  Having gotten a taste of project management in my previous role, I wanted to grow that aspect of my skill set.  I jumped at the opportunity to work at GUNN; not only would I get to learn more about project management, but I could also throw myself into something as interesting and out of the box as elevators!


What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend or a Sunday afternoon?

Depending on the season, my Sunday afternoons can look slightly different.  In warmer months, you can find my fiancé and I out of town with our miniature dachshund, Russell. We like to escape to the mountains as much as possible – sometimes that’s a weekend camping in Kananaskis, sometimes that’s simply driving out to Canmore for lunch and a stroll through the shops. In colder months, you can find us going for brunch on 17th Ave, or spending the day meal prepping and watching Netflix. Regardless of the season, Sunday afternoons are best spent with family.


What would be impossible for you to give up?

PIZZA! Ever since I was a kid, pizza has been my absolute favourite thing to eat. Unlike most kids, however, it was one of the only things I would eat, since I was (and am) one of the – self-proclaimed – pickiest eaters on the planet. As I gracefully age, not much has changed in my love of pizza, save for the addition of some new toppings.  I will eat clean 95% of the time and exercise in some way daily, but no body shape is worth giving up a 4 cheese pizza drizzled with honey, truffle oil, and parmesan cheese.

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