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“Why choose GUNN?”


Now that you have a clearer picture of what an elevator consultant does, you should know what GUNN does that makes us different:

LeadershipOur clients come first, and we act in their interests at all times. So-called “standard practice” in the elevator industry, or simply accepting things the way they are, is not good enough for us.

CommunicationEffective communication is essential. This concept is simple and perhaps intuitive, but is often overlooked. We speak the language of contractors, engineers, and architects, and have a proven track record of keeping everyone on the same page.

Team BuildingOnly when everyone is working toward a common goal can a project be successful. We create this environment by building a successful team, with all contributions recognized.

Standing Behind our WordWhen we make a commitment, we deliver on it, simple as that. It is finishing what you started. Ask our clients, and they will tell you the same.

ExperienceWe’ve built a diverse resume of exciting vertical transportation projects and have successfully guided developers, and architects in achieving vertical transportation excellence for more than 25 years. Our dynamic group of young engineers manages projects of all types and size throughout Canada.

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