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“What does an Elevator Consultant do?”


Every company will offer a slightly different scope of services, but key things that a competent elevator consultant should provide you with are:

Detailed Specification – This comprehensive document ensures nothing is missed for your project, but also that the scope of work does not extend beyond that which is necessary to achieve the project goals.

Accurate Pricing – With the detailed specification covering all aspects of the work, your pricing from various contractors can be compared on an “apples to apples” basis, with the knowledge that unnecessary change orders are avoided throughout the project.  You will know at the project outset what the final cost will be.

Contractor Selection – Contractors not suited to the scope of work are avoided, and your selected contractor will be fully capable of undertaking the scope of work.

Professional Engineering – City permitting for many elevator projects now require that a professional engineer be engaged to verify the installation meets code.  Professional engineering guidance throughout the project avoids unnecessary surprises in having your elevators passed with the relevant city and provincial authorities.

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