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Meet the Newest Staff at GUNN!


If you’re familiar with GUNN, you may have heard that both our Vancouver and Calgary offices have recently moved to new locations. Once we get settled in we’ll share more about our new digs here. For now, however, we thought we’d introduce you to some of the new bodies at GUNN whose presences prompted our move into larger spaces.

Andrew Wilson – Senior Project Manager

Andrew comes to GUNN after a long career working with almost every elevator manufacturer you can think of. Following university, Andrew decided that his foray into elevated thinking needed to be more literal, taking his first job with Dover Elevator 30 years ago. He has since worked as a Senior Project Manager, and as a Branch Manager; if you’ve ridden Vancouver’s Canada Line sky train, Andrew oversaw the installation of its 70 escalators and elevators. He sometimes intimates that GUNN is a cover for his double life as a secret agent. Given his ability to strictly adhere to schedules, it would be foolhardy to discount this idea entirely.

Sam Hamze – Senior Project Manager

Sam Hamze has lived in more countries than most people can name. He speaks more languages than all the ill-fated citizens of Babel; if their tower had an elevator designed to his safety codes it would have been much safer. Sam joined GUNN after a long career with a safety authority and is a Code Wizard, operating as a member of the ASME A17/B44 Code Inspection committee, overseeing all North American elevator safety codes and standards. If you’ve enjoyed a safe and smooth elevator ride in the last decade in North America, you owe it in no small part to Sam.

Rebecca Lin – Junior Consultant

Rebecca is GUNN’s in-house Renaissance woman… at least, she would be, if mechatronics existed in sixteenth century Venice. Rebecca specialized in mechatronics in university, developing a physical therapy aid as her thesis project. She balances her engineering work with artistic pursuits including painting, paper crafting, playing piano, sculpting, digital art, and writing. What does expertly balance all of this on? Good question! She balances it all on the edge of her enthusiasm for swords, naturally, which means she is also 100% terrifying. She does own a Shih Tzu though, so maybe she’s not that tough?

(Just kidding, she is.)

Ben Hynes – Office Administrator & Technical Delivery Coordinator

Ben is GUNN’s foremost provider of embellished online bios. Unsurprisingly, he came to GUNN after completing graduate work in creative writing. Having travelled from East to West just about as far as he could – moving from Newfoundland to BC – he decided that the only direction left for him to move was up. In case it’s not obvious, he enjoys stories and wrote extensively in his life before GUNN. Working as both GUNN’s Office Administrator and Technical Delivery Coordinator for new construction projects, Ben endeavors to ensure that the office stays light and that documents are drafted with all the professional precision and polish these short bios lack.


Left to Right: Ben Hynes, Rebecca Lin, Sam Hamze, Andrew Wilson

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