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GUNN Consultants Snowshoe Trek for the Kids!


Part of what makes GUNN Consultants unique is our commitment to 5 key principles which we call the “GUNN Difference”. To ensure that we stay true to our word, we do our best to maintain these principles and build upon them.

One of these key principles is Team Building. Here at GUNN, we know our success comes from working together towards a common goal, so it’s important to us to foster a supportive team environment. One of the ways we cultivate such an environment is through bi-annual team building events.

We started off our first team building event of 2014 by having a Snowshoeing Charity event. This year, we decided to raise money for a very worthwhile organization, the BC Children’s hospital.

This event, organized by our wonderful Office Administrator Rebeka, had the entire GUNN team up on the top of Seymour Mountain trekking in the snow. While we had some first time snowshoe-ers who did not know what to expect, there were a lot of smiles and laughter as we made our way through the snow.

Snowshoeing - GuysEric, Mark, James & Alexey looking ready to tackle Seymour.

Snowshoe-ingEric, Lillianne, Abby and Ashley stop and pose for a picture.

Snowshoe-ing - In the forest One by one making our way through the forest.

GUNN Team (left to right): James, Jeanette, Rebeka, Abby, Ian, Lillianne, Eric, Jerry and Alexey.

Snowshoe-ing - Throwing Snow “Go GUNN!”

The opportunity to come together and enjoy each other’s company outside of the office space gave us a chance to not only have fun, but to also strengthen our group by getting to know each other a little better. Not to mention, we also got to raise money for an important organization in the process!

Looking forward to our next team building event!

Photography by Chloe Langmaid.

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